RCM Examination and EKS Music School


RCM Examination


Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM), based in Toronto, Canada and one of the leading and largest music institutions in the world,  offers a comprehensive music education curriculum and assessment for students in North America and other countries for over 130 years.


As an official RCM participating school, the faculty at EKS also incorporate the RCM curriculum in their lesson plans.  Students enrolled at EKS often participates in the examination for level assessment and receive the certification.

Certified Instructor at EKS

Faculty at EKS are RCM certified specialist.  Our knowledge and expertise will help you obtain the level of skills in order to pass the level requirements.

RCM Exam Dates

Fall Session : November/December

Spring Session : May/Jun

Summer Session : August

EKS Support

EKS students enrolled in the RCM examination are offered trainings and opportunity in theory, musicianship and performance.  EKS candidates participate in the RCM studio performance classes, RCM recital and mock exam at EKS Music School.  We also provide accompanist service and coaching rehearsals for instrumentalists.

More about RCM

For more information about RCM, please visit their official website at www.rcmusic.com