Spring Group Class : Starting Jan 26, 2019

A. Piano Safari Group Class for Beginners

What is Piano Safari?

The class is designed for beginners to learn piano and music in a carefully sequenced, intervallic approach combining ears, eyes, and imagination.  This is one of the latest and popular piano methodologies created and designed by piano pedagogues Dr. Julie Kern and Katherine Fisher.

Tuition includes all materials and performing opportunities.

Instructor: Ms. Ellyses Kuan

Ages 5-7

Tuesdays 1:15-2:00p.m.

16 weeks

Tuition $365


B. Voice Group Class


Ages 5-10

This class is designed for children who are interested in singing.  Any children age 5- 10 can join,  with or without any prior singing or music experience.  Students will be exposed to different vocal styles and techniques through musical games and learning different genres in different languages.

Instructor: Ms. Jen Pearl (Soprano) 



16 weeks

Tuition $350